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Backlink 101, 30 Days In-Depth Discussion about Backlink. Prolog

June 28, 2008

Well, well.. It’s been a while since my last post. Just finished my latest compilations and scheduling, for this next interesting topic. The Backlink. I ‘m planning on to write the in-depth discussion about backlink and this June is about a great timing.

I ‘ve sorted the backlink materials to be post each day, starting now, and will be ended by the end of this month, June the 30th. There will be 30 Hottest topics we ‘ll discuss. So be sure to check back often ( read: daily ), ‘coz this month is gonna be the Backlink month!

Let’s call it, 30 Days Backlink 101.

The Goal
I ‘m hoping, by the end of this month, this topic answer all questions which mailed to me all the time. Self educational purposes still my best goal to reach, but the most is, Educate our self to educate others freely. That’s what open source all about, right?
Here goes…

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  1. oentoe_09
    September 5, 2008 at 12:57 AM

    Salam kenal..wuih..sorry klo komentarnya nda nyambung soalnya aku kurang paham sm english language…But klo nda keberatan pengen numpang nge-backlink..boleh ya..??Regards,Oentoe09

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